User Listing Admin view blank when attempting to toggle list/gallery, Bender 3.2.0

When a user is logged into his account and viewing his listings, the default is list view. Any attempt to toggle between list and gallery view results in a blank page. I managed to correct that part of it by adding a true condition to ~/oc-content/themes/bender/user-items.php lines 47 & 48

<a href="<?php echo osc_user_list_items_url(true);

At least now the page doesn’t go blank but it still won’t toggle between list and grid view. I did get it to display gallery view by tinkering with line 34 replacing it with code stolen from main.php so I know it can work. It just needs to toggle.

No one can help you without any logs and your site url. Please share more info.

Sorry. Does OS class keep its own logs? The URL is The script itself produces no errors in the error_log file.

Please read documentation.

Okay, added


to config.php. With my mod above, still produces no errors or warnings in ~/oc-content/debug.log.
If I omit the true condition as the script was originally written I get

[08-Jan-2020 08:45:12 America/New_York] PHP Notice: Undefined index: page in ~/oc-admin/themes/omega/functions.php on line 25
[08-Jan-2020 08:45:12 America/New_York] PHP Notice: Undefined index: page in ~/oc-admin/themes/omega/functions.php on line 30
[08-Jan-2020 08:45:12 America/New_York] PHP Notice: Undefined index: page in ~/oc-admin/themes/omega/functions.php on line 35

Something similar happens with the default Modern admin theme, and whether or not I disable the Admin Themes plugin.

[08-Jan-2020 09:28:01 America/New_York] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: plugin in ~/oc-content/plugins/admin_themes/functions.php on line 28
[08-Jan-2020 09:28:01 America/New_York] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: plugin in ~/oc-content/plugins/admin_themes/functions.php on line 40
[08-Jan-2020 09:28:01 America/New_York] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: plugin in ~/oc-content/plugins/admin_themes/functions.php on line 103

If I uninstall Admin Themes plugin I get no debug.log errors. The page is just blank when I try to change view. Either view does the same thing. And for the record (also in my public profile)

OSClass v3.9.0
PHP 7.1.14
MySQL 5.6.41-84.1
Perl 5.10.1

Try disabling every theme and plugin and than enable them one by one. Maybe you can narrow it down to trouble causing theme or plugin.

I Disabled/Uninstalled/Deleted every plugin, theme and add on. I even went so far as to overwrite the install directory with a fresh copy of 3.9.0 leaving only the config file untouched. No joy.

One weird thing that did happen is the USA map theme I installed would not delete from Admin/Manage Themes. I had to delete it manually.

Are you certain you cannot recreate this condition? Let me give you the steps again.

  1. Do not log in as admin. Create a user account then add a listing.
  2. Go to your user listings.
  3. Click either side of the List/Gallery button.

Do you not get a blank page like this?

Okay. Rather than overwriting the existing installation I took it one step further, deleted everything and uploaded it fresh. The program drops you off on the category page where the new listing is placed. On that page toggle view works. As soon as I go back to the user account page and look at my user listings the toggle view is still broken. Clearly this is not a plugin or theme issue. I have no additional plugins and the theme I’m using is your forked bender theme from The same problem also shows up in every other theme I have tested.

It may be helpful to also share my settings…

I am discovering that not all themes offer the ability to switch between list and gallery view on a registered user’s active listings page. Of those that do, Bender included, ALL suffer from the same problem. This tells me it is not a theme specific problem but rather, a core problem. So in my case… works, displays as list. is a blank page. is a blank page.

Hi @Zero ,
I am facing the same issue, I not using Bender theme I’m trying to figure out if it has to do with theme or is it related to fresh installation…
I believe it has nothing to do with plugins, because it behaves same even though they are disabled or enabled.
Also, I noticed that conflict occurs when permalinks enabled, it is not clear to me how permalink affects the list and grid view function but influences when premalink is enabled…

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YAY! I’M NOT CRAZY!!! :rofl:

So, it may in fact be theme related because I stumbled across a theme where this feature does work called LetGo at My guess is there’s a regression that most theme developers have not caught up with yet. But I’m also glad to know that it can be done. I will inspect the code later and see if I can hack my way to a fix.

P.S. I do not have permalinks enabled.

I agree that the theme can influence this issue, for example I use a paid theme but am not satisfied with the support.
It would be best to create and develop your own theme.
I am not a developer, but I wonder if it’s possible to set the function to core Osclass default option for the list and gallery view so it cannot be overridden with the theme.
It would be good to hear other experiences here as well, to help as manage the issues, it takes a long time for testing…

Hello, I will test it today the behaviour.

You could join slack as well for us to troubleshoot together.

Hi just by reading this message, I saw the bug :slight_smile:
There are 2 question marks (?) in the URL for the last 2 links you shared.



Bug is on bender: oc-content/themes/bender/user-items.php:47-48
Or just search for ?ShowAs and will give you the 2 occurrences

When you fix it, could you open a PR for it, please?

VERY SHARP EYES! That does in fact fix the bug. I can also say with utmost certainty that this very same bug had been propagated to many, if not most other themes as well.

Now a serious noob question. What’s a PR?

It means Pull Request.

I’ll try. No promises, though. :wink:

Okay, I tried. For some reason I just keep going round and round in circles but never seem to get to a page where I can actually submit a pull request. I am, however, in the process of submitting a detailed bug report. Hope that’s enough to get this bug fixed.

No worries, thanks for submitting the bug report.

Fixed it in bender repo

thanks @Zero for bug report

@xiris What do you think should we remove GUI directory from oc-includes as the same theme is already included in release package.

Actually, prior to installing the Bender theme after the fact, with only a fresh new install I noticed there was a bender file directory under themes but it was empty, resulting in a broken image in theme manager. The program obviously had to revert to oc-includes. To install Bender I had to copy it manually into the directory because it would not install via normal means.

I would be cautious about removing the oc-includes default gui before fixing this.