Upgrade 3.9.0 to 5.1.0b2


I am hugely grateful that you are as dedicated to the Osclass project as I am to locally-grown.org which I built on it. I’m usually very hesitant to upgrade any production service because, inherently, I always seem to break something and scramble to fix it. Being on the github mail list, though, I think I’d like to give your 5.1 beta a try, maybe even provide you some valuable feedback.

Is it possible to run a copy of 5.1.0b2 in parallel with my production site on 3.9.0? I can easily create a subdomain (i.e. test.locally-grown.org or something). Or export the entire database to the new install before going live?

I found these upgrade instructions Updating Osclass - Osclass Documentation but not certain if it will work without breaking by jumping straight from 3.9.0 to 5.x.x. Thanks in advance.

So, not being very patient, I went ahead and performed the upgrade from 3.9.0 straight to 5.1.0b2. All seems stable. Looks like some theme customizations I made stopped working. Specifically, I added full address in the search results. This now appears to be broken again. Also, pic not displaying when looking up user profile. I should be able to repair it.

All in all, not enough is broken for me to consider reverting back to 3.9.0. Looking forward to trying OSM. Will really make my day if it works. Thanks for all the hard work.

Did you do the new installation through the install menu or did you just transfer the new files via ftp to the server and then change the database name in the config file?

If you don’t mind please provide step by step instructions for upgrading from 3.9 to 5 so it can help me and other users.


I followed the manual upgrade path described in the online docs Updating Osclass - Osclass Documentation

Worked flawlessly. Only thing I noticed a little off is when I relaunched the admin panel and the upgrade button appeared, I expected it would say to upgrade just the db. Instead it said to upgrade Osclass. But at the end it said DB upgraded successfully. Just a little housecleaning needed.

I withdraw my use of the term “flawlessly”. It appears none of the address fields were ported over during the db upgrade. Now I have to figure out how to merge those fields from the old db to the new. (Sigh)

EDIT: Yeah, I’m not happy. Browsing the raw data on the server with phpMyAdmin, I can see the address information is still there, but I cannot view the data from the web, logged in as admin using the dashboard or as the listing owner from the listing update page. I can populate the fields and submit, but after refresh it’s gone. The raw data in the db tables, however, IS being updated. Other fields like Title and description, and custom fields like web address, phone number, etc all display fine. I’d much rather fix it than regress back to 3.9.0 and start over.

Final entry. Someone at forums.osclasscommunity.com stepped up and said the development branch fixed the address field issue I was having. He was correct. So, I can’t speak to v5.0.2 but, if you’re considering upgrading from 3.9.0 to 5.1.0, skip beta 2 and go straight to the current development version. IMHO, this was a large enough bug fix to warrant assigning the current snapshot beta 3.