Unable to Prevent Spam Registration Osclass Sites;

Unable to Prevent Spam Registration Osclass Sites;
Dear friends, please help me, I am getting crazy! as you see attachment, I can not stop spam registrations on Osclass web sites.
What is causing this? I have installed all of osclass spam & captchta plugins. It did not stopped.

Currently I am using Osclass core Spam and bots section. I have added Google captcta code. But still I receive a rainy spam registration ( 200- 300 registrations every day ).

https://www.antalya-dolphinarium.com/user/register normaly as human when you try to register without skipping Captchta answer, site gives error and you can not proceed.
But how I receive those rainy spam registrations than?
What could be reason?
I really want to remove Osclass. Please advice me how I can solve this?

Hi, I have a plugin from this site and it works well. I had a lot of problems and yes don’t really go with it osclass spam & captchta plugins. To use this plugin I had to reinstall everything to be clean in the core site. Core site retains “cookies” in memory site. Good luck. the site is easyosclass.com

Hi, I had earlier bought spam & captchta plugin on Osclass market, it did also not helped.
Currently It is stopped spam registration after making thoses below ;

  • Clean osclass files replaced /oc-admin/ oc-includes/
  • Checked PHPMYADMIN tables ( repair, control queries )
  • Deleted not Osclass table if exist
  • Deleting not used plugins
  • Used Osclass core Captchta
  • Changed DB user password