Shopclass Theme Disapparing Characters( Letter) from META DESCRIPTION area

I can not post this problem on your forum on, it gives fatal error. Please check it.

I saw a problem on Shopclass them, into META DESCRİPTİON area, special Turkish letters & charachters ( ğ,ş,ü,ö,ı, ) is disappearing and not showing them. This is spoiling search engine view.

How can I solve it?

Are you sure? it’s working from my end.

Yes I am sure, All of special Türkish letters are disappeared into description description section of META field.
Please check URL and secreenshoot

I didn’t said that about the issue but the forum. Anyway which version you’re using.

I use Shopclass 1.4.1

Hi, navjottomer, can you tell me how can I recover this letter / character disappearing from meta description area!

Add this to custom-functions.php file in shopclass directory.


This is the solution for time being, the new version of shopclass is in development( 100+ commits since the previous version). It is delayed due to the shared responsibility of osclass.
But it’ll be out and you will not need this solution then.

I can not find a file custom-functions.php into shopclass directory.
Can you please add it into file and share file here. I can just download it and replace. I have no php knowledge

Should be oc-content/themes/shopclass/includes/custom-functions.php.

Ok, found and added. But it is not solved, still shown " ü, ş, ö " characters missed within words.! See please secreenshoot!


custom-functions.php code shown as below;

function new_osc_format_price( $price ) {

	$currencySymbol = ( osc_item_is_premium() ) ? osc_premium_currency_symbol() : osc_item_currency_symbol();

	$price          = str_replace( $currencySymbol , '' , $price );

	setlocale( LC_MONETARY , 'en_US.UTF-8' ); //Set Locale to your desired currency format.

	$currencyFormat = money_format( '%!.0n' , (double) $price ) . ' ' . $currencySymbol;

	return $currencyFormat;



Try disabling Shopclass SEO settings, If this still doesn’t resolve issue than it’s nothing to do with shopclass.
Please check for any other plugin if above doesn’t work.

I use no plugin!
Yes I have disabled SEO settings and solved.
Problem is caused by your theme SEO setting section.