Passion Theme for Osclass

Passion Theme for Osclass

Passion theme uses the much loved ‘Bender Theme’ as its core and is enhanced with Bootstrap v4.3.1. I have managed to keep all the original goodies of Bender intact whilst overhauling the look and feel of the theme.


  1. Enhanced with Bootstrap v4.3.1 and Font Awesome 4.7.0
  2. Tabbed Contents used wherever necessary releasing space for Google Adsense.
  3. Increased Google Adsense spots on the much viewed pages.
  4. An additional field on the Ad management section of admin page to add multiple Ad Blocks that goes on the right column of homepage.
  5. Wider screen layout with bigger listing grid.
  6. Enhanced site navigation with Bootstrap Navbar dropdown menu along with sliding navigation for quick links.
  7. A fresh neat layout for the item page.
  8. Social sharing links are placed at strategic places to grab visitors’ attention.
  9. Integrated Google map on the Item page (no API key needed).

Ease of customisation:

  1. The colour of the header, footer, slide navigation header and tab highlights on tabbed content can be changed by tweaking the ‘custom.css’
  2. Homepage welcome title, mobile button texts and social links can be configured by amending files on assets folder.


  1. At the core this is nothing more than our good old ‘Bender’ theme, therefore support from the forum is all one needs.
  2. I will not get involved with further customisation of this theme, although I may upload one or two more variation of Bender theme if I had time to spare.
  3. I do not visit the forum on regular basis but if I do come around, I will try and answer some of your questions.

Compatibility with plugin:

  1. I have tested the theme with ‘cars_attributes’, ‘jobs_attributes’, ‘realestate_attributes’ and ‘watchlist’
  2. As it’s only ‘Bender’ underneath, it should work with all the usual Osclass plugins.

Cost and licensing:

  1. This theme is completely free.
  2. Licensing: GNU Affero General Public License applies.

— Enjoy ‘Passion’ theme and good luck with your classified site —

Download it from GitHub -> Passion Theme at GitHub


Thanks for great effort, I will test theme and comment here soon

How can I install this theme? I tried from the backend but doesn’t work