Other searches that may interest you

when i display show more results from my home page, i get in the bottom of the page “Other searches that may interest you osclass” and it contains many categories, maybe 50, how i can reduce this number?
here is the example: wesbite
thank you

You can edit the <ul class="footer-links"> in your search.php to look something like this:

<ul class="footer-links">
    <?php $count = 0; $amount = 10; ?>
    <?php foreach($footerLinks as $f) { ?>
        View::newInstance()->_exportVariableToView('footer_link', $f);
        if($count > $amount) break;
        <li><a href="<?php echo osc_footer_link_url(); ?>"><?php echo osc_footer_link_title(); ?></a></li>
    <?php } ?>

Change the $amount variable to adjust the quantity of links. E.g. $amount = 5;.

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Thank you, it worked for me