Osclass Development Updates

This is a thread to track the latest updates in osclass development. This is a read-only thread. I will or other developers will try to update this thread as soon as possible.

After the first release 3.9.0, we have made many changes in Osclass. Although most of the work has been made to the core which hasn’t been updated much in years, We also have added quite a few new functionalities with the upcoming new version.
Here is a list of some notable changes we have made till 01/06/2020

  • Updated breadcrumb Schema
  • Now languages can be imported in via our repositories, so you don’t have to do it manually.
  • Google Analytics is integrated into Osclass dashboard.
  • Osclass classes are now Autoloaded, no more need to use require, include.
  • jQuery updated to latest 3.5.x branch with other JS libraries, TinyMCE is updated to 5.x branch.
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility
  • New new options related to watermark in media settings page.
  • New Admin Hooks More Info
  • Osclass oc-includes structure has changed, classes are reorganized and renamed and some new classes are introduced for core improvement.
  • Auto Update is improved and working in testing, need some more testing but it will be included in next version. I hope this will be the last version which you need to manually upgrade.
  • New Docker related changes, now you can run osclass locally via just using docker-compose up command which people love. This will surely be improved so osclass can be easily deployed in the production environment ( Kubernetes?).

That’s not it, there are plenty more changes made in osclass, check whole commit history https://github.com/mindstellar/Osclass/commits/develop

That’s for now, will keep it coming.