OSClass changing name to

It is time for us to decide on a new name.
After everything that happened with the project, it was amazing @navjottomer taking the lead to continue supporting the community, however, we must change the project name soon.

The reason being is, the name and domains belongs to the Spanish company that was behind the project in the past and decided to abandon late last year.
This may cause damage to companies and other developers using the code base in the future.

However, the code is open-source and public. We can fork, as we did, and continue the development under a different flag.

As our focus is to “make the community great again”, it makes sense to all of us to raise our voice.

Important to mention, the discussion will be open until 31/01.
Also, all of that was discussed w/ @navjottomer before, via this forum and slack, and his support was essential to writing this post.


Same thing also happened w/ another project Joomla!.
It was a different scale as the project had thousands of contributors, maintainers, etc, but they had differences w/ the company (Mambo) which owned the project before and decided to fork it.

You can read a bit more here, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joomla

Some suggestions:

Kaiaulu - Means community in Hawaiian
Jamii - Means community in Swahili

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If we stay a bit away from classified thing than it would be much better. It would be better if move toward to make osclass a ecommerce alternative too while keeping strength of classified system.


Interesting, I like the idea as well.
The e-commerce could be a well elaborated plugin.


Even though I have no name suggestions, I do agree with your statements and the idea in general.
Looking forward to hear from more users.


We are happy if can integrate e-commerce alternative for osclass :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: we can allow business shop to sell on our classified and charge some money from them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, only classified is not powerful script

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Just a reminder to all, today is the last day to suggest the new name.

I had no suggestions whatsoever, still don’t have. :slight_smile:
What have you chosen?

I don’t think we should change the name of the system. We should try to expand the system community
The development of the system must be such that it does not depend on the person or company
Depend on developers
If the system is to be renamed again a few years later, the system leader will cancel the project
There will be new problems, and people like me who spend time developing this project and developing it in my country will have to follow a new person again, which means 80% of my project will be in trouble and I will have to rewrite it.


As stated by @xiris, by changing the name, the project wouldn’t be any more associated with osclass.org/osclass.com and the dead company that’s behind those sites.
Furthermore, it would also impact all the “Markets” that exist and perhaps lead the way to a united site for downloading extensions for the script. Currently, there is a bunch of “Markets” whose owners upload all the old free plugins and claim them as their own (disclaimer, our market.osclasscommunity.com is not doing that). I also saw my plugins on some of them, not even stating I developed them. Whatever.

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And with a new name, we should come up with a organization on GitHub, instead of having the fork on @navjottomer’s account. I think that was already discussed.

why not just a simple thing like: AdsOS or AdScript ot just AdS, AdMS or AdsCMS etc…

@navjottomer @xiris Look what I stumbled upon by searching Google for Osclass:

OSCLASS | Its a Organisation or Scam | Facts about osclass org | Scam by Osclass

Just another reason for a new name, so we don’t get associated to stuff like this.

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Aaaah, seen a few sites reposting and even reselling others people plugins under different names and stuff. Bunch of rip-off Osclass Markets. Who knows will renaming stop them, and for how long…

Ads = classified
E com = ecommerce



@webmods that’s why I think we should change the name create an Org and have 2-3 owners/admins to avoid people leaving and the project being abandoned.


Hi,i just found osclass and still grasp around the situation. and i quite agree with this. Its kinda awesome if it moving a bit into ecommerce,but not fully single vendor one. like a middle ground in classified and b2b/multivendor

in my language , i have suggestion

Pasar means Market , its indonesian/malayan transliteration of Bazaar


There are a lot of good alternatives for ecomm. Is it a good move? We need to make sure of that.
Restructuring the classifieds, adding payment methods, a safe environment for dispute, etc might be a good mid-term solution until we reach a full e-comm solution.

What do you guys think?