Osclass API for build mobile app

What did you think about osclass mobile app.
i’m looking any where but not see it, hope you can release API soon

great if some one can help me how to do it on osclass i like to create

An API project is in our todo list but right now it is hard to say when this will be available.
Btw here two github projects for osclass API devlopment.

It’s I’m looking too. I want to build mobile app but don’t know how to do. Hope you can build iOS and Android app soon. I am very appropriate with you so much . Keep your work forward we need you dear @navjottomer

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We have Android APK for Osclass name Hotibo in Playmarket

Good dear ! But I can’t download it in my country.
Can you share api?

You can contact telegram @hotiboadv

I like to develop API. So how can join…

Any update , I really need it for my site