Osclass 5.0.0 Beta release

Osclass 5.0.0-beta Changelog

  • Osclass Multisite is removed a better alternative will be provided in future.
  • Fix bug of listing invalid themes in Admin Appearance
  • Fix PHP notices while saving Admin settings.
  • Restructured whole osclass core.
  • Core osclass now using autoloader for classes and external libraries.
  • More option in image text watermark in media settings.
  • Significant MySql queries reduction in Search Modal.
  • New order by relevance option in search.
  • Multiple security vulnerabilities are fixed.
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility
  • Updated breadcrumb Schema
  • Now languages can be imported in via our repositories.
  • jQuery updated to latest 3.5.x branch with other JS libraries, TinyMCE is updated to 5.x branch.
  • One-click osclass update is available now.
  • New PHP classes for osclass core functionality for better performance, security and compatibility.
  • JS enqueue methods now load your script in the footer if enqueued after header hook.

Source: https://github.com/mindstellar/Osclass/commits/develop
Download: https://github.com/mindstellar/Osclass/releases


How can i install it?

Please can you write a tutorial on how to install it?

Same as previous version of osclass.

Great work, keep your best work dear❤️

Hey great one!
Why you didn’t use my PR for composer and core improvements?

Would have all externals in its own repos and the right pointer to 3rd-parties.

I am not sure of which PR you are talking about, it’s been a long time.

Can you explain the upgrade because when replacing files the site does not work

Me too everything blank

Try disabling every plugin and theme ( except Bender) before upgrading. Share error logs if it’s still create issue.

Please try it yourself because there is the same problem as the first time work

After the update, the admin panel works.
An error appeared on the frontend of the site:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function getConnection() in /home/admin/sites/site.com/oc-content/themes/cars/class/carsHelpers.php:952 Stack trace: #0 /home/admin/sites/site.com/oc-content/themes/cars/main.php(11): cars_get_premiums(4) #1 /home/admin/sites/site.com/oc-includes/osclass/helpers/hDefines.php(284): require(’/home/admin/sit…’) #2 /home/admin/sites/site.com/oc-includes/osclass/classes/controller/CWebMain.php(64): osc_current_web_theme_path(‘main.php’) #3 /home/admin/sites/site.com/oc-includes/osclass/classes/controller/CWebMain.php(50): CWebMain->doView(‘main.php’) #4 /home/admin/sites/site.com/index.php(148): CWebMain->doModel() #5 {main} thrown in /home/admin/sites/site.com/oc-content/themes/cars/class/carsHelpers.php on line 952

Tell me how to fix this?

@buninsan The theme that you’re trying to use is very outdated and therefore doesn’t work with new Osclass.

I wonder what is happening to this project… No information anywhere about it.

Owner gone, again…

This is highly disrespectful to all of us that follow this release. Maybe we should think to switch.

You can, if you see it that way. :wink:

@navjottomer This is a “personal” reply, my comment was not about switching but about the TOTAL lack of ANY information about where is going this project.

And as ANY serious Osclass owner/webmaster we MUST move ON. Advance. Progress.

I tired of answering everyone, I will do what I can with my personal capacity. But everyone is free to follow or switch to anything. I was just saying me being muted doesn’t mean that osclass is not being developed.
Sometime I need to take break to take care of personal things. I was expecting the support from fellow developers but they have different understanding about this project and are developing their own version or switching to something else. Being two guys me and Patrik we are putting as much as we can, sometime actively when we have time and sometime silently when we don’t have much time to discuss.
But anyway no one is bound and they can think of themselves to switch or move on and progress.
BTW osclass beta is out and we need more feedback to move further, some other things are under pause for time being before I get some more time.

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All the above are acknowledged and fully respected. And you don’t have to reply to each and every one, just some 3-4 lines to update us about what is going on, is enough for everyone to read.

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That I will sure take under my consideration, thanks for reminding me that.