Old themes compatibility?

First let me say thank you for taking the baton and running with it. I only discovered OSClass through the Host Gator Softaculous software installer in cPanel but their version 3.8 is obviously outdated. Softaculous devs should be reaching out to you regarding upgradiing the software library to the new fork. I managed to install 3.9 manually and it’s perfect for what I intend to build on it, a community site for locally grown produce, farmer’s markets, etc to help promote and grow local farming, starting with the U.S. but I want it do go International.

My question is, there are a limited selection of themes available at osclasspoint.com, a few free and some premium paid versions, but poking through your github repo I found a bunch more at https://github.com/navjottomer/Osclass-Extras/tree/master/themes. My presumption is that these were written for 3.8. Are they also fully compatible with 3.9.0?

We haven’t tested them yet but with release 3.9,but we tried not to break compatibility with old plugins and themes, so most of them will work as they were working with version 3.8
We are still out hand to manage everything but we will sure optimize our workflow to make things easier in future.