Oc admin listing area

Hi all.

how to enable to show all listings in oc admin listings area.
thank you in advance

I could not get your question. Could you please Explain your question with more details and a screenshot where is problem is
or You not able to see all the listings in the admin area is that you want to say?

yes exactly that was the qustion

ok. While I am looking for the solution for this could you please share the screenshot of this issue. So that I can better understand why this happening. You might need to wait bit more, electricity problem here.

You have many records, doing what you ask will cause a 500 error.

my ads at tjis point are around 30.000 an i stil got some CVS and xml for import that are around 20.000 ads :slight_smile: is this “pagination” in core ore theme files

just change in oc-includes/osclass/model/Search.php aT LINE 1006 see picture