Number of views for premium ads on website

The number of views for premium ads is too high. How do I reduce this number. I spoke to those who created the theme and said that they have no formula in the theme. I noticed that if i have more premium ads on the site it gives me an error in the database in the table with the amount calculated for premium ads. Example: after 5 days ads shows me an one ads that he have 3200 views which is too much and I want it to be calculated correctly. They told me that: "views are calculated & shown by osclass core, not theme, – it just save & read data into stats, " They told me to: “try to recreate osclass stats table” but I don’t know how to do it.
I think there is a code somewhere in the script that makes this calculation too big. In helpers/hPremium.php I can not find anything. Can help me please.