Need Help With Theme

Navjottomer, Need some help with a third party theme that is no longer supported. I’ll pay you for your time.

After upgrading osclass to version 5.1.2 from 3.7.1 I cannot get my theme to function properly mainly the slider and features listing slider.

The theme is ctg classifieds and can be viewed at

I’ve reached out to the original developer but he has told me that when osclass previous owners walked away he lost a substantial amount of money and won’t be upgrading his themes anytime soon.

As bender is the only theme available at the moment for the current version of osclass I decided to stay with my theme which if I don’t upgrade to the newest osclass version works fine on php 5.6 but not the newer versions of php.

I would really like to get my current theme to work with the new version of osclass on php 7.4.

As I stated I will pay for your time.