Missing/extra fields on listing pages, theme Bender 3.2.0

This issue is theme specific. I’ve been tinkering with Bender, Modern, Sofia, Elena and usa. All have their quirks, things that don’t quite work correctly and some we can add are just plain hideous looking. So for simplicity sake I’ll focus only on the default Bender theme and default Modern admin theme.

When creating a new listing in either the admin or as an end user, there are fields to enter an address and zip code. However, the address and zip code are not displayed anywhere on the listings page?

On the listings page under Contact publisher there is a useless field labeled Enter the words above: There are no “words above” to enter. All it does is confuse the user. I am however using reCaptcha which appears just below that field and no other spam or bot plugins. YET.

I also find it somewhat annoying that the full path to the listing directory is not shown in the top left. In this example below, IMHO it should read My Local Growers » Farmers Markets » Fruits & Vegetables » test market

I managed to hack ~/oc-content/themes/bender/item.php to display the missing fields by updating the location array starting at line 39 to

$location = array();
if( osc_item_city_area() !== '' ) {
    $location[] = osc_item_city_area();
if( osc_item_address() !== '' ) {
    $location[] = osc_item_address();
if( osc_item_city() !== '' ) {
    $location[] = osc_item_city();
if( osc_item_region() !== '' ) {
    $location[] = osc_item_region();
if( osc_item_zip() !== '' ) {
    $location[] = osc_item_zip();
if( osc_item_country() !== '' ) {
    $location[] = osc_item_country();

I thought I could eliminate the useless reCaptcha field by modifying ~/oc-content/themes/bender/user-public-sidebar.php but nothing I tried seems to have any effect on it. Must be above my pay grade. :crazy_face:

Please mark this thread solved. In the following files,


to eliminate the unnecessary reCaptcha fields I deleted the following lines

                        <div id="recaptcha_widget">
                            <div id="recaptcha_image"><img /></div>
                            <span class="recaptcha_only_if_image"><?php _e('Enter the words above','bender'); ?>:</span>
                            <input type="text" id="recaptcha_response_field" name="recaptcha_response_field" />
                            <div><a href="javascript:Recaptcha.showhelp()"><?php _e('Help', 'bender'); ?></a></div>

I am using reCapcha v2 as specified with checkbox and it still works fine.

Also deleted any sections referencing “Enter the words above” from

These changes should be made permanent.

Thanks for the detailed report.
I will test in a fresh installation to see if it is the same behavior.

Will post here my findings