Is is OsClass still stable enough to run production site?

Dear all.I hope you are doing it well.

I have a question related to OsClass stability. I have quite popular classified site with ± 1500 active ads (90 days windows) and over 100.000 visits per month. In the past, I have always been using Osclass. After Osclass development were discontinued by the core team and I have faced with some strange issues with the site I decided to move to another platform.

First, I chose Wordpress + classipress which worked well, but was underpowered, then migrate to Flynax which is powerful and complex but extremely buggy and with literally no support.

I am thinking to move back from flynax to Osclass which was the best script I have ever used. My main thought is if Osclass is stable for running production site. I have seen more individuals that are selfless investing their time in this open source project (salute to you guys!!). What are your thoughts on the future? Will development still exist?

Best regards to all! Luka.

Development is in active state, you can check our github repositories. Osclass version 3.9.0 is stable release which I use personally on my website too.
We are in active development right now and that’s the aim for future.

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Thank you for your answer and your work on this project!

I have transferred my site back to OS class: laughing:

Best regards, Luka.