[Ideas] OSClass 4.x or new-release

Below some ideas for a new version of the platform, ideas are welcome and let’s discuss! :smiley:

  • Composer fully integrated
  • Migration system
  • New plugin system
  • API’s

What would you like to see in a new version of the system?

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I have no issue with all that above just make sure those changes doesn’t change manual plugin and theme installation behaviour.

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What do you mean?

I mean, 4.x is a major release. I don’t see why we should keep backward-compatibility. Any thoughts on that?

We can’t remove backward compatibility to old plugins and themes installation, community is not ready for that now and I didn’t see this situation to change in near future.

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My suggestion is that besides using hooks and filters we can use vqmod in the kernel too. I think it would be very easy to make extensive changes to the kernel without changing the main files of the system and this would be great for developers.
A similar example can be found in opencart

Not exactly vqmod but somewhat wordpress dropin like system can be add fairly easy. We already have child theme functions we need to extend it to prioritize files from oc-content directory and it will work. We can add a new directory oc-dropin and function to check this directory to load osclass files before loading it from core.

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Every system have LTS (long-term support) and Rolling Releases (short-term), and also Major and minor changes.

In my view all the improvements we do in the current architecture and setup, we keep under the version 3.x. The 4.x should be redesigned in most of the areas, specially to bring more extensibility to the core.

Regarding plugins and so on, the version 3.x should continue supporting everything the community have already, but this shouldn’t be the rule for the new major release (4.x).

When 4.x is ready, we should release documentation and help the community to build plugins for it. Even tho this means that maybe, we should do the first plugins.

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I would love to release my theme along with 4.x, with all the new changes.

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I just wanted to add that many of us were drawn to Osclass because of its simplicity.

I’ve installed and used 20+ classified type scripts and plugins over the last 15 years. When I decided to launch a classifieds website last year, I chose Osclass because it was not bloated with a ton of features like nearly all the other scripts out there.

If you continue to add more and more features, you might risk losing your core user base.

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Simplicity will always be a goal for us, btw everything discussed doesn’t mean it’ll be included in osclass core, community has a say while we’ll add those features.
Currently we are more focused on 3.9.x release.

That’s why we open the discussions to see better the direction we should go.

However, there is a huge difference between the architecture of any system and its features.
Having a decent architecture will allow a better development of new features, plugins, themes, with a good quality.