How to upgrade plugins and themes purchased on market

Been a while since I’ve been to osclass and when I try to login to the market using my username and password it says user unkown. Wondering how I find updates for the themes and plugins I paid for?

all in one plugin (MB Themes)
fb_page_plugin (Drizzle)
fb_post_page_plugin (Drizzle)
paypal_advanced (Daemon Soft)
republish_pro (Daemon Soft)
spam_solution (MB Themes)

I’ve been in touch with a couple of developers of my plugins and it seems they no longer provide free updates after the migration from the previous owners of osclass.

Some are still owed money from before so they changed their business models. Guess that is what happens when a company goes bad.

In any case, my plugins seem to work for now so hopefully they will still work after updating the osclass core files to the latest version.