How to show adsense with listing on shopclass theme

hello everyone,
pls i need help on how to show ads within listing on shopclass theme. what i mean is that i want adsense to show after 3 to 5 ads on search page and on home page. my site link is pls take a look


Just in case you still waiting for a possible answer for your question about placing ads sense on your website.

If you use the theme “bender” that it comes as basic with your Osclass software, in the section of “adjust the theme”, there is on the bottom spaces where you can post the code from your account for your ads…
In such a case, if you decide to try that theme, this is the link " /oc-admin/index.php?page=appearance&action=render&file=oc-content/themes/bender/admin/settings.php "
However, i think you have a nice theme installed already and I have no experience about it, so, maybe you could ask the maker.
This is my website: AnunciosComercio in Spanish language for Costa Rica and the Americas.

omor_motun_esther hello brother, did you solve that problem? if yes how you did?

It can be achieved but it will require some work at the theme files.
You want after X listings to show adsense ad on search. Right?

yes…pls can you help?