How To Set Up OpenSreetMaps?

Has anyone set up OpenStreetMaps lately?
Could someone guide me how to get the OpenStreetMaps key required for osclass?

I didn’t, @defected ??

You must make an account on :

in the account you will realize quickly… +Create a token …API access tokens


I’m taking the plunge with 5.1.0b2. Will try to document how well it goes, if at all. Last time I tried with 3.9.0 was a miserable failure.

Okay, so I’m trying to get OSM plugin v1.04 from Dev101 to work. GitHub - dev-101/open_street_maps: OpenStreetMap Maps plugin for Osclass (fork). By default, it unpacks from the zip file to directory open_street_maps_master. In order for anything at all to display in Bender theme item.php, that directory must be renamed to open_street_maps, either locally before ftp to the server or on the server after ftp. I made certain to install the “Consumer key” in the OSM plugin index.php as instructed in the, as well as in Osclass under Settings/General. Also under Listings/settings, OpenStreetMaps is selected in the dropdown at the bottom of the page under Maps. I have tried Mapquest callback urls pointing to and just

With the admin logon debug enabled, the coordinates returned are always
[d_coord_lat] => 0.000000
[d_coord_long] => 0.000000

I’ve dotted my “I’s”, crossed my “T’s”, no joy at all. Very frustrating.

Okay, I got OSM to work. I think the key was setting my callback url correctly at the Mapquest Developer site to just the domain name, no http:// or https://. (ie. just BUT…

It only works AFTER I resave a listing manually. So the question is, how do I refresh my whole database so that location information is reflected in OSM?