How to bulk " Find & Replace " on PHPMYADMIN > oc_t_item_description

How to bulk " Find & Replace " on PHPMYADMIN > oc_t_item_description,
I have more than 200 items used same TİTLE except first word. Character limit is too much and I need to reduce it to 55 character. Therefore I want to a " FİND & REPLACE" option like in WORD etc.

İs there such an option on SQL and how can I do it?

Running an SQL query in PHPmyadmin to find and replace text in all osclass items, such as finding Original Text and replacing that with New Text.
Table in this example is oc_t_item_description and field is s_title

    UPDATE `oc_t_item_description`
    SET `s_title` = replace(s_title, 'Original Text', 'New Text')

Make sure you backup your table as dump before running above query.

You can also use this dump to find replace your text with any text editor and restore it with the modified dump.