Help! Problems with amazons3 on my osclass 3.9 website

Problems with amazons3 on my osclass 3.9 website. I need this plugin so very badly in order to be able to let users on my website users upload their product photos to my AWS S3 bucket.
However, any time i activate the Amazons3 plugin in the Admin and refresh my website, the already uploaded photos refuse to appear and the letters on the photos look very pale, a far departure from the original color.
The central issue is that the activation of the s3 plugin breaks the site user photos: they completely disappear!
Can anybody here help me with any tips that I can apply to make this plugin work properly?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am running Osclass 3.9.
Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.
Note that I’m using plesk Obsidian Server, Centos07, PHP 7.3

Better if you share some more info i.e error_logs, screenshot, site url.

I will do that shortly. Meanwhile, my url is tradegong. com. I would enable the plugin shortly for you to see.
However, if I opt to abandon the plugin and configure the Amazon s3 SDK for my website, in which directory within the Osclass software should I place the configured SDK scipt? Kindly also help in this regard please. Thanks

thanks for your prompt response and I must also apologize for sending this additional information so late.
Below, I have attached an image as follows:

  1. images of both the effect of the unactivated Amazons3 plugin on the first segment of the document with clear user photos and the activated on on the second segment of the document; also the log files of the domain on the third segment of the document.

On the first segment, you can see that the user images are very perfectly clear when the AmazonS3 is not activated. on the second section of the photo, you could also see that the user photos are blank when AmazonS3 is activated.
Next document has the logs.
I don´t know what could be responsible for this.
Also, is there a way to configure the Amazon WAS S3 and place the file directly in one of the Osclass archives? If so, where should I place it in the achives to be able to apply it to the product-post and product-edit page?
My server is hosted on IONOS/ Linux Centos07/ Plesk Obsidian; PHP 7.3.
Osclass 3.9.
I would really appreciate any help on this issue.

if you can enable plugin for a while than it would be better. Or can share html source here.

html source for the plugin or the osclass site? How can I share the source? Can you point me to how to do that? I didn´t enable it because it would scare off my users. I hope you understand…

html source of website after plugin activation.

How do I do that? Or should I activate it briefly right now?

activate it for few minutes

Ok. Let me know when you are done so that I can deactivate it. Tnx

I have activated it now

Have you seen it sir?

You can deactivate it now. Here is the source of image tag on your website after plugin activation

`<img src="" title="" alt="&quot;Unity In Diversity&quot;" width="240" height="200">`

URL in this tag is not working. What is your valid bucket URL?

I have not concluded setting up that yet. What should I do with the valid URL?

It only does not work as soon as I activate the S3. The URL works well when S3 is deactivated

I will check the bucket URL. I had not inputed the URL Before now

Check your s3 image url and post it that url here.

I had reached the max. posts for today. Can´t reach you today any longer

Sorry. I could no longer send messages yesterday because the website prevented me. The link to my Amazons3 bucket is: