Display of the transactions of ads instead of the price


How can I make the display of the transactions of ads (buy, sell or exchange) instead of the price.

I tried to overlay one DIV over another DIV, but it was unsuccessful.

Or I should change “transaction” somewhere instead of the “price”?


You want to display this exactly where the price is shown by replacing the price element? If so, you need to learn how to update templates, etc., and modify or remove the price display element.

If you just want the users to know, if it is buy/sell/exchange then you can just create a custom field with 3 values and then let the users select an option while listing their ad and then the custom field/selected option will show in the item description page.

Yes, I want to disable the price and to display transaction (buy, sell or exchange) instead of the price. It is no possible to do it through the custom field, because it is not a standard command. Maybe there exist a plugin?