Can't proceed From Dabase information at Install

I installed via docker with GitHub - mindstellar/Osclass: With Osclass, get your own classifieds site for free. Build your own Osclass installation and start advertising real estate, jobs or whatever you want- in minutes!.
I started to install, but couldn’t proceed from Dabatase information.

I input follow phpMyAdmin’s info like this.


But I caught error: Cannot connect to the database. Error number: 2002.

Ofcourse I connected database via component exec, and its succeeed.

Where to check, or changed?

Use hostname: mysql instead of localhost.

I have recently installed 5.01 onto a shared hosting account.
I have installed the script in the root directory and started the setup.
I also get the “Cannot connect to the database. Error number: 2002
It will not let me create a new DB from the advanced settings.

Please check your host settings, that could be Wrong.

What should I check?
This is what I have done.
Step 1 - Download and unzip the Osclass package.
Step 2 - Move the Osclass unzipped files to the desired location on your server.
Step 3 - Execute the Osclass installation script by accessing index.php or oc-
includes/osclass/install.php from your browser:

Step 4 - Follow the installer’s instructions:
There doesn’t seem to be a config.php file. Osclass isn’t installed” Is this normal?

Clicked Install.

Step 4.1 - Make sure the server has the required permissions to write in the files and directories
specified. This will allow you to create a basic configuration file as well as upload images,
documents, etc.

Everything appears to be correct here. What file permissions should I check in particular?

When you enter Databse info, please confirm those details. Database hostname could be wrong.

Do I have to create a database user and database first, or will it create those for me?
Are you assigned a default mysql db user when you purchase web hosting?

So I tried the cPanel credentials - user name and password.

You mentioned hostname? So it may not be localhost?

If you use cpanel credentials than they have already created a database for that user, you have to use that database. Because create database permission may not been provided.

By default Osclass ask for Osclass db name, user, password which you’ll create in cPanel.
If you want to create new database while installing user credentials which have permission to create new database.

So I have created a database in mysql.
I have created a user in mysql
I have assigned all privileges to the user
I have assigned the user to the database.

Any other ideas?

All good…got it to work.
Thanks for your help @navjottomer .

im still facing this issue first i got this error “Can’t insert basic configuration. Error number: 1452” and then later " There are tables with the same name in the database. Change the table prefix or the database and try again. " what to do ?