Bender Bootstrap

Bootstrap 4 theme, inspired in Bender original from Osclass.

This theme uses:

  • fontawesome-free (5.12.0)
  • jquery-ui (1.12.1)
  • jquery-validation (1.17.0)

Bender Bootstrap is based on SB Admin 2.

On the Doc you can find how to install galleries for item.php:

  • Fancybox 2.1.5
  • Bootstrap Lightbox 3.5.0
  • lightGallery 1.3.9
  • Magnific Popup 1.1.0

Copyright 2020 CodexiLab. Code released under the MIT license.

Hi, I introduce myself for the first time here, I am an enthusiastic web developer, who has been interested in Osclass.

CodexiLab is the repository of the results of my experiments and learning, there I have placed this new theme Bender Bootstrap, I hope you enjoy it, this theme it is easy customization. I will soon enable more updates as an RTL version, etc.


Awsome man, thank you so much :two_hearts:

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Overlooked it, it’s great. Thanks for sharing this with our community.

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