Advanced CAPTCHA - math, text, Q&A, invisible reCAPTCHA v3

Advanced CAPTCHA plugin

Various CAPTCHA types: reCAPTCHA V3, math, text and Q&A CAPTCHA. Login, register, forgotten password, contact, post item, edit item and add comment forms. reCAPTCHA V3 is fully invisible. Requires small theme mods in some cases. Described in admin settings page.

If you have a GitHub account, pressing Star on the repo would be kind of you…


Thank you good plugin :+1: :+1:

How i can add here (Send private message) :

Instant Messenger Plugin

I can give you an example for integration, but cannot provide the exact modifications required as this is a premium plugin.

In the plugin settings it says that for premium plugin integration you can send me a mail. Unfortunately it can’t be free.

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[23-Apr-2020 02:34:34 Europe/Madrid] PHP Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0 in / on line 59
[23-Apr-2020 16:08:43 Europe/Madrid] PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘type’ in // on line 59

Hi, your plufin is recording above given error into DEBUG file.

Warning/notice - not an error. I’ll fix it in the future.

Hi why this plugin is not preventing spams into comments area? Yes spam registering is stopped, but comments are continue like a river…

Do you have an advice how to stop comments spam?

Does the captcha show on comment form properly after required theme mod?

Theme modification? I did not make a modification. What modification should done?

Yes captchta shown near bottom right corner of pages. But I receive spam comments, also spam contact form filling…

Both still I receive. Spam bots are filling and comment form.

Sorry I have just seen that a modification needs.

I have done it and wait, I will let to know if I receive spam comment and contact form filling.

Should this hook also inserterted into contact.php and user-register.php?

I have modified pages as explained
But I am receiving still spam registration and filling contact.php
Page is

What could be wrong with this plugin?
Why spams never ends?