Admin can't delete user

Please Help…
My used osclass 3.9 and free theme

  1. Gmail and custom server ( Mail server ) can’t send mail ( not working)…
    2 admin can’t delete user and user can’t delete akun…

Do you use any plugins that might add additional fields for users (e.g. profile picture)?

Ya…, i use plugin profil picture

Enable debugging and post queries.log.

Ok problem solved, thank’s you webmods

I have the same problem. How did you solve it? Can you share the solution?

I check user ( want delete ), and delete listing user… and solved problem

Thanks for your answer. After all, it was a problem for the hosting provider. I changed proI had disabled some add-ons and could not delete the user. I activated them again and then deletion is allowed. Everything is fine now. Thank you for your response.vider and now everything is fine.