Admin can't delete user

Please Help…
My used osclass 3.9 and free theme

  1. Gmail and custom server ( Mail server ) can’t send mail ( not working)…
    2 admin can’t delete user and user can’t delete akun…

Do you use any plugins that might add additional fields for users (e.g. profile picture)?

Ya…, i use plugin profil picture

Enable debugging and post queries.log.

Ok problem solved, thank’s you webmods

I have the same problem. How did you solve it? Can you share the solution?

I check user ( want delete ), and delete listing user… and solved problem

Thanks for your answer. After all, it was a problem for the hosting provider. I changed proI had disabled some add-ons and could not delete the user. I activated them again and then deletion is allowed. Everything is fine now. Thank you for your response.vider and now everything is fine.

brother please help me already delete plugin and spam registration 1000 k per day please help us

same problem for never delete user for admin panel and spam registration automatically will come again and again per day 100 - 200 . Please help me